Reiner Knizia Yellow

By Dire Wolf Digital

Reiner Knizia YellowReiner Knizia YellowReiner Knizia YellowReiner Knizia YellowReiner Knizia Yellow

Found an Empire

Lead your dynasty to victory in the Warring States period of historical China in the new digital adaptation of the acclaimed board sport from Tigris Euphrates designer Reiner Knizia.

Build Conquer

Conflict is inevitable as your affect expands. Wage warfare upon neighboring states to slow their progress, and construct spectacular pagodas to increase your individual status. How will your reign be remembered?

Balance in All Things

Expand your civilization by inserting tiles that characterize the 5 facets of a thriving kingdom:

Governors - Keep the peace and quell revolts with a strong civic leadership!

Soldiers - Defend your rising empire -- or wage war upon your neighbors!

Farmers - Cultivate the banks of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers!

Traders - Acquire the assets your folks need to prosper!

Artisans - Shape the culture of your dynasty and encourage your citizens!

Your legacy will be judged by your weakest category, so a wise leader should preserve concord to achieve victory!

Praise for the physical board sport:

It's all very strategic as you construct kingdoms and resolve the most effective second to attack. The game is very intense. It's delicious stress. - The Dice Tower

Yellow Yangtze is just awesome. Because you're trying to get a balance of all totally different colors, it is not just a tug-of-war back-and-forth. There's sort of this round cycle of movement of various colours that individuals are going for, and it actually makes the game tremendous gratifying. Overall, this sport is superb. - Game Boy Geek

An distinctive thematic work. Yellow Yangtze condenses many a few years of historic upheaval right into a gripping hour of satisfying hobby. - PlayerElimination

© 2019 Dire Wolf Digital, under license from Dr. Reiner Knizia.

Yellow Yangtze © Dr. Reiner Knizia, 2018. All rights reserved.

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