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Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) medieval monarch of the trendy age and swipe your royal fingers both left or proper to impose your will upon the kingdom. Survive the seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests out of your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while sustaining steadiness between the influential factions of your kingdom. But beware; each decision you make might have implications and unfortunate penalties down the highway that might put your reign and family’s dynasty at risk!

Each yr of your reign brings one other necessary – seemingly random – request out of your unpredictable kingdom as you attempt for steadiness between the church, the folks, the army, and the treasury. Prudent decisions and cautious planning make for an extended reign but unforeseen motivations, shock events, and poor luck can take down even essentially the most entrenched monarch. Extend your reign as lengthy as potential, forge alliances, make enemies, and find new ways to die as your dynasty marches alongside through the ages. Some occasions will span on centuries, with an intrigue involving burning witches, scientific enlightenment, wicked politics and, maybe, the Devil himself.

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