Radio Masti 24x7

By RADIOactive Singapore

Radio Masti 24x7Radio Masti 24x7Radio Masti 24x7Radio Masti 24x7Radio Masti 24x7

Radio Masti 24x7, formerly known as Radio Masti 96.3FM since 2009 (XFM Mediacorp) is the first Hindi LIVE 24x7 radio-on-Apps in Singapore.

With a wide variety of shows bringing a great mix of new age and retro Bollywood Beats with loads of infotainment based right from the heart of the Merlion city. A great place to blend singaporean Bollywood lovers with the wide Indian expats and south East Asian communities. Rightly tagged as 'Josh mein raho'! For advertising, call or Sms to 65 91518963

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