Rad Dude

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Rad DudeRad DudeRad DudeRad DudeRad Dude

Survive ultimately instances, craft wasteland weapons on this unique Idle Survival RPG! Use talent points and status your means throughout Rad Dude: Doomsday Survival!

This is a Survival idle game where you craft tap to survive the top occasions. Tap to use abilities and slay the cesium crusted criminals of cataclysmic collpase.

Rad Dude: Doomsday Survival Features:

Idle Wasteland Survival

- Idle Absorb Radiation

- Craft Companions like BLOOD BOT

Idle Action

- Battle Cat Wizards to claim Radioactive Control Rods

- Build a Balanced Party: Survival is key

Craft Gear Mutate

- Defeat enemies, loot and to build weapons for survival

- Trigger Mutations into New Classes with Radiation!

Master the Wasteland in Rad Dude: Doomsday Survival!

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