By Batoul Apps


Now available for Android as a public beta!

QamarDeen is a new and unique Islamic app from Batoul Apps, it lets you track all your daily spiritual efforts to help you measure your status and continue to improve.

Use QamarDeen to track your prayer, Quran reading, sadaqah and fasting and visualize it all to analyze your behavior and improve.

Prayers: Record how you prayed each of the five daily prayers, and mark when you prayed Ishraq or Qiyam.

Quran: Keep track of how much Quran you read every day. Mark where you began and where you left off, and continue the next day using your preferred Quran app.

Sadaqah: Record when you give any type of charity, from donating your money or time to smiling at your Brother or Sister.

Fasting: Keep track of your fasts in Ramadan, as well as your voluntary fasts (Sunnah, Kaffarah, and Nazr) throughout the year.

There are so many apps that help you track how much you exercise, how much you work, and how much you spend. Download for free the one app that helps you keep track of what matters most - your faith. May Allah give us goodness in this life and the next, InshAllah.

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