Portal Calc for Ingress

By Braintrapp

Portal Calc for IngressPortal Calc for IngressPortal Calc for IngressPortal Calc for IngressPortal Calc for Ingress

The app is a little aid for Ingress player. It includes a few handy calculators and a few important info sheets.

The app is ad supported. Location and WiFi access is only needed for the ads.

The app includes:

* Portal range calculator

* Burster damage calculator

* Portal configuration calculator

* Access levels, capabilities, badges, recharge ranges

* AP Amounts you can earn

* Possible resonator numbers

* Single agent maximum portal configuration

* Resonator XM capacity

* Burster and Ultra Strike damage levels

* Enemy portal hack costs

* XM amount by item recycling

Languages: Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish

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