Pony Town - Social MMORPG

By Pony Town Team

Pony Town - Social MMORPGPony Town - Social MMORPGPony Town - Social MMORPGPony Town - Social MMORPGPony Town - Social MMORPG

Create original characters and chat with all types of fantastic creatures, roleplayed by gamers from all over the world.

✮ Design your character ✮

Create ponies with unicorn horns, pegasus wings, and various mane and tail styles. Or flip it into your individual distinctive species by including parts similar to claws, fish tails, dragon wings, or fangs. Make your creation feel just right with numerous clothes and accessories to prime it all off. Thanks to the ever-expanding list of accessible character customizations, the one restrict is your own imagination!

✮ Make pals ✮

Chill in the town bakery, chat about your day or watch what different gamers are as a lot as. There is all the time one thing new to see in Pony Town.

With 1000's of individuals from all over the world taking half in at the identical time, you're sure to meet some like-minded individuals to chat with and make new friends!

✮ Build your individual map ✮

A riverside home next to a mysterious forest, a cozy cottage in a small town for you and your folks, or something completely different? It's up to you!

Aside from the principle map, every player can create a customized world on their very own non-public island. Decorate the inside of the house as nicely as its surroundings nevertheless you need, with crops, furnishings, ground tiles, totally different partitions and more!

✮ Roleplay ✮

Who would you prefer to be today? Roleplay characters from various fandoms, play a baker within the bakery, or arrange massive roleplay periods with your mates on your private personalized island. Players you invite to your celebration will be capable of visit the map you have constructed. This permits your roleplay adventures to be set in numerous locations, at all times keeping them new and interesting.

✮ The social MMORPG that permits you to specific yourself ✮

If you're on the lookout for a friendly roleplay in a magical world you help create, Pony Town is the right place for you!

Pony Town is being actively developed, with updates occurring regularly. There is loads of exciting content to come back within the future!

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