Pocket Magnifier with LED

By EXA Tools

Pocket Magnifier with LEDPocket Magnifier with LEDPocket Magnifier with LEDPocket Magnifier with LEDPocket Magnifier with LED

Pocket Magnifier with LED gentle is an app that modifications your gadget into a magnifying glass with a flashlight.

Application magnifier is simple to make use of, functional and have capabilities:

- zoom x2 x3 x4 x8

- highlighting reading text

- operate view in adverse color

- autofocus

- to take a pictures / screenshots of magnified picture.

Magnifier is ideal for the aged person, the visually impaired. It is excellent as an alternative studying glasses or other optical gadgets. It can be used at house and at work eg: for soldering or browse the little issues.

It is a superb tool for all the curious in regards to the world, specifically kids.

Have an excellent use !!!

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