Plague of Z

By TG Inc.

Plague of ZPlague of ZPlague of ZPlague of Z

Zombie siege, recruit survivors, lead your military to outlive, break by way of the siege, and find a protected place.

It’s an abandoned city, and you have to lead your military to rebuild it to withstand the attack of zombies. Sometimes zombies will assault you in the sewer, please be careful. In an setting of scarce assets, prepare your army, improve your expertise, and discover other survivors to steer the light.

### Features###


Rebuild abandoned cities, defend your self and the military, recruit survivors, discover heroes, and fight zombies collectively.


Warning! There will be zombies in the city’s sewers at any time! You need to destroy them and defend the residents.


Resources are restricted. Make your own selection. Share it with other survivors or grab them all?


Just like other dating apps, here you can meet friends from all round the world. You can build up your alliances, defend assault from zombies and get hooked om this simulator sport.


Found a new refuge with restricted capacity. You have to make the wise selection and cooperate with some survivors to defeat different survivors to get extra sources and survive.

-Tower Climbing-

In order to flee from the zombies, you must problem the sky tower.

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