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Places Been - Travel Tracker AppPlaces Been - Travel Tracker AppPlaces Been - Travel Tracker AppPlaces Been - Travel Tracker AppPlaces Been - Travel Tracker App

Want to keep track of all countries, cities and places that you have seen in your lifetime?

"Places Been" is a travel tracker app that allows you to conveniently search and mark those places. Visited places are beautifully displayed with their corresponding country flag on a map.

The app automatically generates a list of all visited countries and states/provinces/regions based on the cities you tagged. It also helps you to keep track of your personal Bucket List - all places that you are still planning to visit and your fav places in the world.

As a bonus you can create your personal Flag Map based on the countries that you visited - similar to a scratchmap!

Places Been allows to track cities, villages, UNESCO Sites and National Parks.

Complete Feature List:

• Travel tracker: Tagging of visited Cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Parks and National Monuments on a map

• Marking of favorite and "Bucketlist" places

• Extensive offline database containing all cities 500 inhabitants in the world

• Complete list of all countries of the world including their flags

• List of all states, provinces or regions for the following countries: United States (US), Canada (CA), Germany (DE), Austria (AT), Switzerland (CH), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), France (FR), United Kingdom (GB), Australia (AU), Brasil (BR), Portugal (PT), Ireland (IE), Poland (PL), Sweden (SE), Romania (RO) (to be continued)

• Contains all Nationalparks and National Monuments of the following countries: US, CA, UK, DE, NZ, IT

• Highlighting of visited countries, continents and states/regions based on tagged places

• Management of your own Bucket-List (places you want to visit)

• Generation of a personal Flag Map (flags of visited countries within their country shapes)

• Stats about the places that you traveled to

• Import of TripAdvisor My Travel Map / "Where I've Been" Map

• Export of seen places to csv

• Share your pinned places and your maps via Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp with your friends and family

• View your personal travel map online from any device

• In Places Been you will tag cities and the app will automatically keep track of the visited countries for you.

Are you a world traveller or do you want to travel the world? Start your travelmap now and remember where you've been and what you've seen!


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