Pixelmon Town

By BkilaiGames

Pixelmon Town

Use your different skill combinations and boundless imagination. Lead your teams to defeat the powerful enemies to get special clearance rewards. Challenges are endless. Don't miss the magical journey, aim at the best pet trainer!

==== Game Features ====

**Free to download! Free to play!

**Easy to get started, but hard to master.

**Wonderful visual and audio feast!

**A variety of cute and different pet shapes!

**This is a game of leisure and entertainment! Make the game a part of your life and enjoy it!

**Build your own team! Try to use different skill combinations to defeat the boss!

**Endless challenges, try your best to survive! Special rewards are wating for you!

Pixelmon Town is a endless action RPG game you have been wait for! Come on, let's join us!

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