By NE Neungyule, Inc


Phonics Show is a four-level phonics collection that makes you a profitable reader.


·Easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach steps

ㆍA balanced approach to build phonemic consciousness, phonics, oral language, spelling, and fluency

ㆍAdequate activities to practice reading and decoding words and sentences

ㆍWCPM chart to watch students' progress in oral reading fluency

ㆍPlentiful activities to strengthen writing skills

ㆍFun chants and songs, and fascinating illustrations

ㆍMultiROMs that embrace entertaining video games and animations

What about Phonics Show?

- Easy to learn! Easy to teach!

- Perfect your reading skills yourself!

- Manage your reading achievement scientifically!

- You can become a Good Speller!

- Have fun! It is interesting! Variety!

Volume Composition

Phonics Show 1 Alphabet Sounds

Phonics Show 2 Short Vowels

Phonics Show 3 Long Vowels

Phonics Show 4 Double Letter Sounds

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