Our dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPG

By 株式会社 WHRP

Our dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPGOur dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPGOur dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPGOur dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPGOur dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPG

Dark lord, we're in trouble!

I thought we were living a trouble-free life, but now I understand our capital reserves are at 0, associates 0, level 0!

A weak darkish lord has been born, penniless and with out allies!

Nothing we will do. I'll have to assist out the darkish lord.

What is the true identification of the sharp-tongued, lazy girl that abruptly appeared?

Your beloved attendants left to go earn money!

You can't have them raised like this! You're the darkish lord!

The first step in world conquest! Let's get started!

It's straightforward to operate. Tap to move ahead. It's an excellent easy RPG.

◆BGM SE used◆


◆Voice collaborators◆


*This game has in-app purchases.

*The recreation is mainly free and may be performed without making in-app purchases, although purchases will allow you to advance quickly.

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