Nonstop Game: Idle RPG

By SevenPirates

Nonstop Game: Idle RPGNonstop Game: Idle RPGNonstop Game: Idle RPGNonstop Game: Idle RPGNonstop Game: Idle RPG

A tremendous cool cyber raid 3D idle RPG, enjoyable for all with low commitment!


Catastrophe befalls, the top of the world is impending, and mankind is on the purpose of extinction?!?!

Who is the mastermind behind the virus, Sacred Beasts, the humungous crystal building, and people fearsome mechanical monsters?

The 5 pillars of energy - Mech, Bio, Gene, Mystic, and Alien - have risen one after one other. Where do they originate from?

In the face of imminent doom, will it's the survival of the fittest, or will the five forces come collectively to reveal the mysteries and restore world peace?

Game Introduction

Collect resources whereas you’re AFK. Leveling up is a breeze even if you’re busy with work or school.

Nonstop Game is an excellent cool 3D idle function playing game with casual gameplay.

Explore the world map chapters with auto battle. Sit back and benefit from the rad 3D talent effects.

Game Features

◆Hassle-free idle RPG. Fight fast, level up even faster!

Double-speed automated battle allows you to complete battles in a blink and clear maps with ease.

Automatically gather sources while you’re offline for quick leveling up.

◆Summon again and again, satisfy your desire to collect!

More than 200 Heroes from 5 totally different factions obtainable, every meticulously designed.

Wild, cool, adorable... pick your favorite style!

◆Plenty of combination components to play with. Assemble a squad that's uniquely yours!

Freely pick and match a myriad of Heroes to form a 5-member squad.

Attribute resistance, Hero Bonds, and formation are vital to secure victory.

◆Many modes of play, with loads of rewards!

Exciting content past clearing maps and collecting gadgets.

Designed with multiple modes of play, together with Mysterious Maze, Trial Array, Mysterious Cavern, and more.

Challenge the various modes to receive generous rewards and assets, benefit from the recreation even with out spending a single cent!

◆Adventure awaits on the all new map!

Wage warfare in opposition to different Guilds in a one of a kind league event.

Build your base, increase territories, personal titles, customize your squad...

Join arms with fellow Guild members to earn Guild Points, and climb the leaderboard to earn awesome rewards.

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