National Gay Alliance client open source version

By 竹井詩織里

National Gay Alliance client open source versionNational Gay Alliance client open source versionNational Gay Alliance client open source versionNational Gay Alliance client open source versionNational Gay Alliance client open source version

The open source version of the National Gay Alliance client is developed by a non-profit development team set up by several forum friends you know.

This app is based on the original version of the film and adds features to fix vulnerabilities.

Support for mobile phones and tablets

Contains some new features

There are bugs in the forum private message [@ 竹 井 诗织 里]

This APP All data comes from the network, and the content of the data is not related to this APP, which does not mean that the developer agrees with the content

All functions of this APP are freely selected by the user, and there is no mandatory browsing content

If you do n’t have a Google market, you can go to the following address to download, please do not have brainless irrigation on the download page.

Open source address


GNU GPL v2 < / p>


This APP is based on the open source with GNU GPL v2 license published by [[email protected]] at [ ngacnphone /], and as they said they stoped update their project at the revision of 580, we start to take over the project, we fork the project to github [] and still use GNU GPL v2 as our code license, you can see the file on our github site that shows this APP in Google Play is completely compile with our codes. This APP uses the open APIs of the forum "Nation Geography of Azeroth" which are opened to everyone as the thread said [http: //bbs.ngacn .cc / read.php? tid = 6406100], users just need to login as they did on the PC site, and the APIs use cookie to authorization users, if the user login with our APP, they should have the rights to get all data from the APIs. and those APIs also used in many different places such as the forum's PC and mobile site, other developers' APPs and so on. We state we have not violated the legitimate rights of the forum "Nation Geography of Azeroth", our APP is free and does not contain advertising, our code is based on a open source project and is also opend in github.


Why not have yoooo ?

Press the menu on the first interface

Why yooo can't see it?

Need to be able to locate / the URL is not blocked by the wall, or it may be nearby. People.

Why do you see all garbled characters?

Go to the settings and change the mobile data access point to net

How do I reply / quote?

Press and hold the quick spray button in the floor / settings and click the button at the bottom right of the post.

How do I search for user posts / replies?

Click in the section If you don't have the search button in the upper right corner, press the menu to call it out or use the search function directly.

How can I view the favorites?

Click the favorites button in the upper right corner in the section. Call out menu

How do I delete a post in my favorites?

Long press, the deletion is as simple as that.

Why do the floors shake? Why post Is it blank?

Go to settings, turn off GPU rendering in the developer, turn off hardware acceleration in the settings of the app

How to adjust the font size of the app?

In The first interface slides into the settings to change.

How do I search for my posts?

Click to open the search, select the post / reply and confirm directly.

How to login with QQ / Weibo

Two are official only. We use webpage login. The best way is to scan the code. First click the scan code on the login page to log in. Then the official app scans the QR code and then scans the code to confirm. Click here to confirm and log in. Succeeded

Development team members: Code: [@ 竹 井 诗织 里] / [@ cfan8] / [@ jjimmys] / [@ Moandor], art worker: [@ 那 pun 戒 骑] / [@ Never 不 卖 萌]

Thank you [@ force0119]

Thank the author of the first edition ak121077313 Author of the second edition

Thank me for signing up for Google Play myself


Thanks to Caiyuan Xiaosheng for the extra emoticon package, Lin Da B's mother, who's auntie, who and who's why you are so embarrassed, and other emoji authors

Thank you all Users

------- Features -------

Block users you do n’t want to see

Change your avatar signature

Anonymous version, short message

Backup view of sprayed records

View user information

Sidebar read URL to enter Posts

Delete Bookmarks

Built-in video player, support for popular video sites started

Anonymous feature nickname support

Added expressions of B-girl, maid-girl, why are you so dangling, face of Mahjong, etc.

Rainbow body

You can choose whether to display several new layouts of the Great Vortex at that time

When you do n’t choose to display fixed bamboo posts in the settings, a few fixed small layout posts below the first page of the large swirl will disappear, and 178 advertisement posts will disappear at the same time.

Left, bottom The right side pull back to the upper level should now be available in almost all interfaces

Android 4.0 and above, you can set the button for posting / replying the page in the settings below the page, and you can set the left and right hand operation habits

You can click to delete the recent visit in the settings

The search page is now more complete

2G / 3G image transfer compression function (Beta), you can choose the original size / large image / Middle / Small Picture

Each floor in the floor list is equipped with a spray button, and can be set to display.

For example, pages such as favorites will not be loaded on the last page. Pop up to continue loading

You can see the picture under Android 4.4 mobile network

A simple rich text edit box has been added to the posting page

The posting interface will be able to Let You can experience the pleasure of what you see is what you get.

Press and hold the post to copy, you can pop up a dialog box, click directly to copy all, you can also choose to copy part

You can see the tail of others Information, you can send a tail that conforms to the forum rules.

If you do n’t fill in the content when searching for posts or replies, search for my posts or replies.

Add custom page

Long Click the button on the floor to display the signature

Sidebar menu

Analyze the emoticon code of the forum AC girl

Full screen mode

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