Mystery Chamber 2015 Deluxe

By GKProduction

Mystery Chamber 2015 DeluxeMystery Chamber 2015 DeluxeMystery Chamber 2015 DeluxeMystery Chamber 2015 DeluxeMystery Chamber 2015 Deluxe

Once Roach invited his old associates Jack, Alistair, and the Magician to go to. Jack leaned on the wall, when all of a sudden it opened! It turned out to be a secret passage to the Mystery chamber, but just one could enter it. Go ahead to adventure! And do not forget to take weapons from the Magician.

This is my first platformer that I made in 2015. Here is an improved and expanded version of this sport, which incorporates improvements in addition to extra content.

Features of the Deluxe version:

- MC 2015 in a model new method;

- Changes on the degrees;

- Open world — the power to return to previous levels;

- New auxiliary objects;

- MC-coins — collect them all;

- Redrawing graphics from the interface and weapons to degree components;

- The return of the unique weapons that had been in the first model of MC 2015 - magic wands are again in the sport, but in a new form;

- New weapons;

- New game — a brand new sport mode with more advanced ranges;

- New battle system;

- New enemies;

- A hundred skins for characters drawn by the MC community;

- Events and promotions;

- Achievements and highscores (Google Play Games service);

- And so on.

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