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~ Game Introduction ~

♡ Participating Stars ♡




NCT 127

※ More Stars will be added in future updates!

Gathering all the people that love Stars~♬

Collect lovely characters and images to enjoy pretty sights!

You, Wizard, are the only person that can wake up the Stars sleeping inside Jewels!

▶ Awaken the Stars trapped inside Jewels found during Comet investigation.

Plant Star Jewels in Pots, wait a bit, and... Surprise!!! A Star appears!

Find a Star multiple times to collect all of their Costumes!

Collect all the Costumes for your Stars!

▶ Listen to the lovely voices of the Stars!

You can hear the actual voices of the Stars! Try tapping a Star~

Visit the Dorm to listen to your Leader’s masterpiece song!

▶ Hold Concerts and unlock images of your Stars!

See exclusive images in MY STAR GARDEN with SMTOWN!

Collect Image pieces from the Concerts and create images.

▶ Show your favorite Stars to your Friends!

Aren’t you curious which Stars are at your Friends’ Dorms?

Visit your friend’s Dorm and exchange items!

~ Recommended Specifications ~

▶ Android 5.0 or higher / 2G or more RAM / 250MB or more free storage space

~ Access Permissions ~

We request access to the following services when playing:

* Read and record in external storage

- Used to read and store data for MY STAR GARDEN with SMTOWN!

* Read phone status and identity

- Used to check device call status and network information.

* Account information import

- Used for Google account verification.

~ How to cancel Access Permissions ~

Settings Select the app and turn off permissions

However, if you turn off any permissions, some functions may not work while playing the app.

~ Contact Us ~

[email protected]

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