Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 2020

By Lobsang Monlam

Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 2020Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 2020Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 2020

MonlamIT center proudly present the Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary version 2.1.This dictionary is the result of the hard-work done by our team in Monlam IT center and all the 21 editor groups around the world. This dictionary is one of its kind both in terms of its quality and volume. This dictionary has more than two lakh seven thousand words while any dictionary in the history of Tibetan literature has not covered so much while maintaining the high quality of the content .

The app itself has the following features in it.

1) The coloring of the important words while having a distinct color for the example.

2) The app also has the history Timeline which different option for the filtering while searching in the timeline.

3)The app also provide the user the facility of the comment or contact the app developer so that we can improve the app and the dictionary.

Lastly we hope that this dictionary will benefit the students, scholars and the general public at large thus helping to preserve ones own literature and culture.

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