Modern Dead


Modern DeadModern DeadModern DeadModern DeadModern Dead

Modern Deadis a mixture of an open-ended RPG and a real-time technique sport set in a post-apocalyptic world. In Modern Dead, you'll have the ability to manage completely different Alphas - uncommon heroes that you have to recruit - while using totally different kinds of weapons to struggle mutants and Outcasts, all to ensure the survival of your stronghold and its folks. Find cunning strategies to face hordes of zombies. The terror of dungeon exploration, gory survival stories, fun battle modes, and unlimited base development all await you. Clash with ugly mutants, shooting your method by way of a circus of horror. Set up a Coalition and perform operations with different survivors from all around the world. Above all, endure.

●Open-ended Exploration with Wild Third-Person Combat

Trapped between waves of zombies born of a horrible virus, and a bunch of other enemies, you'll need to find a way to navigate this treacherous world and rebuild civilization, founding an ark for all those who have survived. Deploy your Alphas carefully to discover the world, collect assets, improve tools and carry out delicate missions in a world filled with horror.

●Free March, Strategical Victory

In Modern Dead, you will expertise the true, post-apocalyptic world, and the self-immersed marching recreation play. Leading your battalions, in the broad, barren land of the apocalyse, to discover new territories and seize the fortresses, and fight against the mutants and vie for control of the land with others. The strongest survives. In the order of the post-apocalyptic world, use your strategy to prosper at will.

●Rich Gameplay and Storytelling in an Immersive World

Through a lush story mode, scary expedition challenges, and tense PvP action between gamers, you may encounter a horde of mutants and Outcasts. Along with the relaxation of your fellow gamers, you will must summon every bit of cunning at your disposal to survive this gauntlet.

●Specialized Alpha System

Overcome bloody terror all through the Warren System, rescuing and recruiting Alphas - distinctive heroes that have survived within the aftermath of an excellent cataclysm - to bolster your quantity. Some will be sturdy, agile, or swift, others possessed of strategic brilliance. Lead them on daring assault missions or rescue efforts.

●Global War on One Server

Join others to type coalitions and interact survivors like yourselves, all vying for Coalition territory. Immerse your self in an exhilarating, unique battlefield with gamers from around the world.

●Open-ended Construction System

Rebuild your base, the final ark of humanity, at will, customizing the structure and theme to your liking. In addition, you can enter the shelter of your buildings to set off distinctive missions. Developing your base will imply eliminating nearby mutants, increasing your territory, and developing more buildings to accommodate ever larger armies.

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