Middle Earth Heroes: Hit and run, hunt darkness

By Revontulet Soft Inc

Middle Earth Heroes: Hit and run, hunt darknessMiddle Earth Heroes: Hit and run, hunt darknessMiddle Earth Heroes: Hit and run, hunt darknessMiddle Earth Heroes: Hit and run, hunt darknessMiddle Earth Heroes: Hit and run, hunt darkness

On the far edge of the continent, a darkish pressure is awakening. Demon King Hashim led numerous dark forces to wage struggle with mankind. In a couple of years, half of the mainland's civilization was swallowed by darkness.

Mage Michel successfully obtained the sunshine stone after passing the trial of the gods, which has the impact of sealing the power of darkness. Michel decomposed the light stone into 4 amulets, and gave them to 4 young heroes respectively. The younger heroes gained totally different gentle powers and began the conquest of Hashim.

- 4 hero class,12 change type

a). Warrior: Melee class possessing major bodily attack, defense and stamina. Class can be changed into Berserker, Knight and Swordsman.

b). Archer: Class with the furthest assault range. His precision marksmanship and agility make him a nightmare for his foes. Class can be turned into Marksman, Ranger and Rogue.

c). Mage :Ranged class with AoE damage and destructive power. Class can be become Firewaker, Icedriver and Thunderwaker.

d). Summoner: Controls phantom beasts in battle by signing non secular pacts with them. Class can be become Vampire, Deathmage and Beastmaster.

- 300 skills and ability

- Exclusive expertise tree

- fifty two suits, 320 gears, free combination.

- RogueLike action game

- Hundreds of well designed monsters and boss

- Offline playing


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