MDK: memes

By MDK Technologies LTD

MDK: memesMDK: memesMDK: memes

Share pics and your stories, join the conversation, decide who will be in the top or will be banned and keep a hand on the pulse of the latest memes and actual stories. In MDK it does not matter how popular you are - everyone has a chance to be heard. Bring your contribution to the community and get your share of fame and glory.

That's not all! Our mission is to create a new type of online community, where the contribution of each participant can be fairly evaluated and rewarded. Today’s Internet is created by users, but all the advertising revenues go to the owners of the platforms. In MDK, we are moving away from this. Due to the distribution of internal coins, each participant can get his/her share of the economic value that the platform creates. The more interesting the MDK becomes, the more its members earn.

Create original content, write comments, vote for new posts - and get coins for your contribution to community development. In the future, you will be able to spend coins on advertaising and additional functions inside the application.

Maybe it's enough to read? Let's install the app and go to the future!

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