Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass Camera)

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Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass   Camera)Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass   Camera)Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass   Camera)Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass   Camera)Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass   Camera)

Please watch the educate video to know how to use it.

Magnifier Flashlight (best lighted magnifying glass app for free)

Let your telephone turn out to be a perfect smart magnifier or sensible microscope.


Easy to see small text.

Open flashlight when begin APP.

You can also use it as a easy model of the pores and skin quality verify device. (Skin detector)

Quick Magnifier Camera Guideline

When you begin digital camera, the APP will set the magnifier zoom to middle value. You can drag zoom seek bar to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Or use two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out)

When you begin digicam, the APP will auto detect the micro focus mode. If it exist, the APP will auto set to micro focus mode. If it does not exist, the APP will set to auto focus mode.

You can use the next method to change different settings:

1. Press preview Region to focus.

2. Drag red search bar to alter display screen brightness.

3. Drag pink seek bar 1 to vary digicam exposure.

4. Drag pink search bar 2 to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Or use two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out on preview screen)

5. Press the flashlight button to enable flashlight.

6. Press the pause/resume button to pause/resume preview. (freeze image) Then double click the freeze image to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Or two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out)

7. Volume Key : Use volume-down key to pause/resume preview. (freeze image) Use volume-up key to do digicam seize. You can change different option in the camera settings page.


1. You can also take a picture if you wish.

2. When focus, the primary focus area of the picture please choose the best color change much. If you click on on the area are biased in favor of a single color, it is not excellent focus. In addition, the lens remains clear, wipe clean the glass will be better focus. And turn on the flashlight can also get a greater focus.

3. When digicam focus, please do not let the camera's lens be too near an object. It could also be unable to focus. (According to the camera's focal length will vary)

【Recommended External Photo Editor】

( Line Camera )

This APP is now examined extra appropriate. They help external photograph edit more consumer friendly.

Or you can use system picture editor, it also work. (Test on Samsung Phones.)


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