This app turns your phone into a functional and easy-to-use magnifier.

Do not carry a magnifying glass anymore. =)

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* Features

⊙ Magnifier (Magnifying glass)

⊙ Microscope

⊙ LED Flashlight

⊙ Macro Camera

⊙ Freezing the Magnifier screen

⊙ Embedded picture viewer

⊙ Image filters(Negative, Sepia, Mono)

⊙ WYSIWYG picture saves

⊙ more

* Plus model features

★ No Ads

★ Full-screen mode

★ Enhanced picture viewer

★ High contrast image filters

Do you employ a magnifying glass to read small text?

Do you want a giant magnifier to read the mannequin number of a small semiconductor?

Do you utilize a microscope to look at the small bugs or plants?

Do you need to take macro photos easily?

The incredible solution is here!

Use your cellphone as a helpful magnifier!

Use your phone as a useful microscope!

Use your telephone as a handy macro camera!

1. Magnifier

- Adjustable magnification.

- Zoom in or out through the use of pinch gestures.

- Continuous autofocusing(If possible).

- Supporting instant zoom-out function to discover a target.

2. Freezing screen

- Freezing the magnifying display to see it stably.

- Useful in unstable conditions like in a transferring car.

- Freezing the in-focus display screen by clicking the display lengthy.

3. Microscope

- More zoom-in than magnifier mode.

4. Image Effects

- Support incessantly used image effects(Negative, Sepia, Mono).

5. LED Flashlight

- Useful in the dead of night place.

- The volume-down button can toggle the flashlight on and off additionally.

6. Taking pictures

- Taking footage by pressing the camera button.

- Taking footage by urgent the volume-up button also.

- Support WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) image saves.

* The high quality of the magnified image is decided by your cellphone's digicam capabilities.

* Some units can't use some functions.

* This is not an actual microscope. ;)

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