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Disclaimer: The game is only out there in English.

Magium is a DD impressed textual content adventure game much like old Choose your individual story books (CYOA), in which you play as an ordinary man named Barry, who joins a lethal mage event in opposition to probably the most highly effective mages on the planet within the hopes of utilizing the prize to satisfy his lifelong dream of turning into a mage himself.

As in all interactive novels, your decisions will have an result on the story, and making incorrect choices can even lead to your death. Besides the standard choice making of regular Choose your own path video games, Magium also has stats you could upgrade with points that you'll obtain occasionally, all through the sport. These stats shall be checked by the game from time to time, to see if they're excessive sufficient to allow you to perform certain actions. For example, in case your historic languages stat is excessive enough, you can understand what animals and monsters are saying.

The story of Magium starts firstly of the event, right after you and all the opposite individuals had been transported to the continent the place the contest was going down, and it's set in a medieval fantasy setting, with a dash of futuristic looking magical units, that are relics of an historical, technologically advanced civilization that crumbled tons of of years before the beginning of the collection. The world in which the story takes place is somewhat inspired from Dungeons and Dragons, so when you've played DD before, you will doubtless find some similarities, particularly concerning the magic system.

As the story progresses, you'll meet with other members, you'll make friends and enemies, and you can see out more in regards to the continent you're on, and its inhabitants. You will discover out that a person referred to as The Creator had established a number of utopias in this place, 600 years ago, the place animals and humans lived in harmony, and food was created by way of magic. What you will get to see, nevertheless, is the downfall of these utopias, some of them being on the point of destruction. Your choices will affect what occurs in these cities, and you'll even choose to save them should you so need.

The game shall be divided into six or seven books, each of them consisting of more than a hundred thousand phrases.

The first guide is now out there in its entirety, and it can be performed for free. It is roughly 178k phrases lengthy, which translates to about seven hundred guide pages. This number also takes into account the story's branching paths. The size of a playthrough on common should be about 90k words, so about 350 guide pages.

The second e-book is now obtainable in its entirety, however the subsequent books haven't been written yet, and they are going to be printed chapter by chapter, as I write them. Unlike the first guide, the second one will must be unlocked earlier than it can be performed, and it will be the identical for the next books as well. In order to unlock the second book, you will both want to complete 25 of the 35 available achievements, or pay to unlock it. All of the following books may also be unlockable in the identical means.

The second e-book is 277k phrases in complete, on all paths, which translates to about 1100 e-book pages. On one path, you have to be seeing round half of these phrases, so roughly 140k, which would translate to 550 e-book pages or so.

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Credits for the game icon go to Agnes Landgraf.

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