Mafia Crime War


Mafia Crime WarMafia Crime WarMafia Crime WarMafia Crime WarMafia Crime War

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Mafia: Crime War is a mafia-themed MMO strategic card game. You'll play the position of an FBI agent from a mafia family, whose father was assassinated by the syndicate, a brand new and upcoming criminal group that has invaded your loved ones territory. At such an important second, you may have returned to safeguard and revive your loved ones, recruiting a variety of gangsters, committing crimes, and crafting business strategies, all to remove the obstacles in your means and search revenge on your father, turning into the new godfather within the process.

Take Control, Dominate All

As the model new godfather, you need to make crucial selections for the development of your crime household, run its criminal companies, and expand your territory. Use crafty technique to alter the destiny of your once nice family.

Money, Power, Sex, Lust, Anything You Fantasize

Operate your dirty underworld companies, earn a nice deal of income from felony jobs, acquire luxurious cars and road racing legends, gather your arms, and date scorching ladies. All sorts of intimacy and interaction await you. This lifetime of luxury will fulfill all your gangster goals.

Crimes of Violence, Liberated Outlaws

Join in hardcore wars between gangs, avenue fights, bank robberies, turf battles, the destruction of your opponents' businesses, and take on the syndicate itself. Carry out these good deeds in the darkness, and you'll establish a brand new empire of evil in the metropolis of sin.

Recruit Heroes, Align Legions

Recruit legendary heroes from the shadowy underworld to assist you. Arrange your unique legion of heroes and defeat your opponents in battle, making use of devious technique and clever formations alongside the method in which.

Free Exploration, Realistic Thrills

You will freely discover all through the realistic settings of L.A., New York, Sicily, Tokyo, and so on. Experience the genuine thrills of gangster life.

Freedom to Sin, Lush Visual Effects

The card battles in this recreation are user-friendly. Enjoy a lifetime of crime with ease. Refined character fashions along with superior 3D battle effects will give you the ultimate gaming expertise in a extensive variety of settings.

Family Revival, Establishment of A New Order

Upgrade your villa, function businesses, increase your territory, recruit heroes, date scorching women, gather luxurious automobiles, counter your deadly enemies. You will resurrect your family, seek revenge for your father, and set up a new underworld order led by you, the Godfather.

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