Lost Shadow : Dark Knight

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Lost Shadow : Dark KnightLost Shadow : Dark KnightLost Shadow : Dark KnightLost Shadow : Dark KnightLost Shadow : Dark Knight

Lost Shadow: Dark Knight


At the top of a fierce warfare between humans and dragons,

All the light of the world was swallowed by darkness with the dragons’ victory.

Darkness reigns supreme, devoid of any light and shadow.

All that was left of the darkness was the evil monster's desire and starvation.

One day, 1,000 years after the end of the war, an unknown ray of light shone on a knight, and the knight started his journey to save humankind.

The valiant knight embarks on a harmful journey to become a dragon slayer and desires your companionship – To take back the light that was once lost.

Download now and join the epic journey!

Game Features

▶The Best Hit Satisfaction! Game Action

Experience a true motion RPG with hack and slash gameplay in the dead of night fantasy world.

Feel the top-notched motion through the use of numerous controls such as assault, skill, run, leap, and dash.

▶Fantastic Story

You will be immersed in an countless fantasy world.

Start your journey looking for the misplaced gentle as you wander via a special fantasy world.

Battle in opposition to numerous monsters in each stage and the highly effective boss you face.

▶Spectacular Equipment and Items

Collect the most effective weapons, tools, and runes from hundreds of items to create your unique shadow knights.

Enhance and equip varied equipment to realize the best fight power!

▶Endless Growth

Growth continues, each if you play and when you don't.

By clearing the stage, you can purchase rewards similar to numerous gear, materials, and runes and upgrade to turn out to be stronger than anyone else.

You can unlock skills by leveling up and defeating monsters and managers utilizing extra powerful and abilities.

▶Card System

You can acquire playing cards as you battle at midnight fantasy world.

Cards are endowed with various magics that improve assault power, recover stamina, and improve protection and are activated instantly.

Choose cards strategically to win harder battles.

▶Various Missions and Rewards

Various quests exist, and you can obtain many rewards if you complete them.

These obtained rewards are important for progress and merchandise crafting.

Complete hidden missions and earn more rewards.

Best Shadow Knight! Become a Dragon Slayer!

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