Little Panda's Shopping Mall

By BabyBus

Little Panda's Shopping MallLittle Panda's Shopping MallLittle Panda's Shopping MallLittle Panda's Shopping MallLittle Panda's Shopping Mall

There is a model new shopping mall at Little Panda's town! Clothing shop, music restaurant, ice cream store, cafe, supermarket... All varieties of outlets can be found. Come and have a look!


There are new arrivals on the clothing shop! Princess dresses, sun hats, chain luggage...Which one do you like? Hurry up and verify out them on! If you're tired from buying, have a rest within the lounge; what to do if you're getting bored? You can browse through trend magazines!


Where does the odor of grilled chicken come from? It's from the music restaurant! Go ahead and luxuriate in your dinner whereas listening to the music! Would you like some desserts after dinner? Try the egg yolk ice cream at the dessert store. The chocolate cake on the cafe is also delicious!


Christmas is coming. Buy a gift in your friend! There are so many gadgets within the supermarket: Dolls, toys, cups...The candies are on sale. Let's get some! Weigh the candies first before trying out. Remember to wrap them in a present box!


The stuffed toys within the claw machine are so cute: bears, octopus...Come and give it a try! Aim on the doll and move the lever to the proper. Which one do you need to catch? Stop the lever proper above it. Press the button. Guess should you can catch it?

Come visit the shopping center and have a beautiful purchasing time!


- 8 buying areas to explore.

- 14 characters to buy groceries with you.

- 37 kinds of clothes and accessories: Sunglasses, princess dresses, rainbow bags, etc.

- 50 sorts of scrumptious food: Sandwiches, grilled hen, ice cream, cake rolls, and so forth.

- Over 20 sorts of daily requirements: Toothbrushes, fridges, ovens, drink merchandising machines, etc.

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