LightCross - LightUp Puzzle


LightCross - LightUp PuzzleLightCross - LightUp PuzzleLightCross - LightUp PuzzleLightCross - LightUp PuzzleLightCross - LightUp Puzzle


Tap any cell on the display to put a lightweight bulb in it. Light beams from the sunshine bulb unfold out in four directions and illuminate all cells in each course.

Each stage is accomplished when all cells are illuminated AND the following 2 guidelines are both glad:

Rule One No gentle bulbs may be positioned in the path of light beams from the other light bulbs.

Rule Two The numbered blocks present the number of gentle bulbs you'll place within the adjoining cells.

It is a very simple but arcane puzzle recreation. Let's start playing now!


• Easy operation.

• Over one thousand phases in 26 puzzle packs.

• Varied new stages might be added regularly.

• Cool graphics sounds

• Support for Google Play Games Ranking: Let's play and compete along with your friends!


• There are various difficulty ranges, so each novices and specialists. This app is a nice way to kill time!

• This is a simple puzzle sport that anyone can take pleasure in. How about fun brain training?

• Recommended for individuals who love math puzzles like Minesweeper and Number Place.

• There are diversified difficulty levels, so both beginners and specialists. This app is a good way to kill time!

• Simple phases are included, so you probably can be taught the kinds of cash and the addition of cash. If you are a senior, how about mind training?

• Recommended for many who like math puzzles like Minesweeper and Number Place.


• Ads are included within the free app (Ads could be removed by purchasing an add-on).

• Although over 200 free levels are included in the app, more levels could be performed by buying additional puzzle packs.


This app contains;

- advertisement

- add-ons (In-App Purchases)

- a function to publish on the SNSs

* No automatic submit with out operation.

- hyperlinks to apps and the official site

- score information assortment for displaying rankings

* By signing in the Google Play Games, play data such because the score might be automatically despatched to the server and your account name and rating will be shown on the leaderboard.


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