Legends of Kings:Future Fighting

By JoyMore GAME

Legends of Kings:Future FightingLegends of Kings:Future FightingLegends of Kings:Future FightingLegends of Kings:Future FightingLegends of Kings:Future Fighting

Welcome to the world of "Legends of Kings:Future Fighting"!

The world has been invaded by monsters! Under the circumstance, you awakened the extraordinary ability. You decided to form a team, set foot on the journey, defeat powerful creatures in the legendary magical continent, and guard this beautiful world! The road of adventure is always full of thorns and challenges, you may encounter cold mechanical warriors, resurrected ancient armor, awakened polar ice dragons, and even the remains of the legendary pseudo-god. They will become unavoidable obstruction. Defeat them and declare your courage and determination to the world!

Form your adventure team

The game offers a variety of roles, each with different extraordinary powers. Know them, and use their respective strengths according to the occasion, in order to find a victory in a difficult battle!

Unique cultivation system

Each role has an independent development system, and all the materials are available for free! Use your ingenuity to analyze the characteristics of each role and choose the most suitable growth path for him in hundreds of growth routes. And create a unique personality role by challenging each role's own exclusive material copy!

Rich battle mode

The game offers a variety of battle modes, from simple to difficult, suitable for different levels of gamers! Through a few simple skill keys and function keys, the player can combine up to dozens of different ways of connecting, and the monsters no longer able to fight back! Through continuous training and improvement, I believe that when you face a more powerful monster, you will be able to find his weaknesses, grasp the fighting rhythm, and stage a grand personal show!

[Game Features]

Modern 3D graphics, realistic scenes and battle action

Over 100 challenging levels

Difficult BOSS challenge, stimulate your nerves

The magical magical continent is waiting for your exploration, and new things are overwhelming.

Highly completed character development system, free to create exclusive characters

Diversified character skills, dodge success can get invincible time, and enjoy battle

The fierce extraordinary war is about to come out. Join us, and write your legendary name on the throne of the future!

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