Last Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPG

By AnotherTrick

Last Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPGLast Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPGLast Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPGLast Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPGLast Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPG

Last Resistance - Idle zombie survival RPG

Join the Last Resistance and become the strongest survivor in the zombie apocalypse.



Create your individual guns with the gun parts that you loot. Upgrade and combine the elements to turn into the strongest survivor.


Loot turn into stronger with out all of the handbook grinding! Your survivor battles on while you are away out of your phone! She will search for gear and kill zombies for you when you are away.


Make game altering choices by spending points in one of the skill timber every time you attain a new stage. Become the strongest survivor together with your unique construct.


Battle different gamers and climb the rankings. Only the strongest will survive.


Use handbook expertise to complete exhausting stages. Bandage your self or use the rapid-fire ability to mow down hordes of zombies.

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