By ELKO EP, s.r.o.


The application LARA NAS APP is an accessory to the intelligent electrical installation system iNELS Multimedia,

which enables you to control your audiozones including the "LARA" audiozone from any smart phone with the Android system.

The main advantage of this application is the option of controlling all audiozones from a single place.

From your data storage, you can now add your favorite songs right into a playlist, which you will see displayed in the application.

In the application, you simply choose the server to which you will connect (e.g. NAS storage).

Select the audiozone or Lara audiozone that you want to control, and then play your selected music in it.


LARA Radio is inseparably connected to music and elevates the listening experience to sheer perfection.

LARA is an uncommon Internet radio embedded in a switch, which always gives you something more. This is not some ordinary radio, the new design dimension offers designs in glass, metal or natural wood

• say goodbye to hearing radio static

• selection of up to 10,000 radio stations

• playing music from your smart phone, MP3 player

• LARA can also be your manager of a central music repository (NAS - Network Attached Storage Device)

• thanks to the integrated amplifier with up to 10W output, it can handle sound distribution throughout the entire home

• it comes with speakers whose sound even a demanding listener will appreciate

Where to use it?

• You will enjoy your built-in radio not only in "classic rooms" for music listening (like children's rooms or the living room, waiting rooms and offices), but you can also use it for relaxation e.g. when installing it in bathrooms or wellness centers.

How to control it?

• by touching LARA

• by remote control

• application LARA NAS App

How many units can one household "handle"?

• LARA radio works as an independent device, so you can have as many in the home as you like.

Where to get it?

• Buy it in the e-shop ( contact ELKO EP support (, they will help you not only with specifications, but also recommend you a reliable partner for installation

Would you like one more thing?

Then LARA Intercom is for you. How about not screaming for your family to come to dinner until your vocal chords are raw? Do you hear the doorbell just when you can't really get to the door? Thanks to the application iNELS Home Control, you will see your visitor not only in the LARA device, but also in your smart phone.

LARA Intercom raised to the highest level of technology can:

• intercommunicate amongst individual LARA devices

• communicate with the door communicator

• be the center for controlling music in your home within an iNELS smart electrical installation

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