King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline

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King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense OfflineKing of Defense Premium: Tower Defense OfflineKing of Defense Premium: Tower Defense OfflineKing of Defense Premium: Tower Defense OfflineKing of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline

King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline is a premium version of the King of Defense: Battle Frontier. The premium model will include all the features of the free version with prime quality graphics. In addition, this premium model additionally supplies some new features that the free version doesn't have such.

In this recreation, gamers can combine two turrets to create the best strategy in each game stage. Each turret has its own strengths, which might assist the remaining turrets.

In the fictional story, the dominion is being invaded by monsters and invaders coming from the darkness. Join the adventure with heroes and warriors in epic battles to protect your kingdom.

Tower Defense recreation - King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline all the time emphasizes tactics. A game stage has some ways to beat relying on how each participant plays. Therefore, King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline is all the time new and not boring.


★ The function of turret superposition and combination provides gamers extra options for the best tactics.

★ The hero system and turret are ample and strongly upgraded. There are many upgrade options in the course of the player's strategy.

★ Diverse terrain corresponding to desert, jungle and icy lands. Each world has a new enemy with extra difficulties.

★ Varied monsters, from flying monsters to monsters with other particular skills.

★ Lots of recreation modes.

Experience a model new challenge with the distinctive offline tactical protection recreation, King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline.

King of Defense Premium presents you:

✔️Free Hero: Andor

✔️Free Tybalt Pet

✔️Unlock Vip2

✔️Free 3000 Crystal

✔️Free 6 Air Balloon

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