Jetscout Mystery of the Valunians

By Dustin Auxier

Jetscout Mystery of the ValuniansJetscout Mystery of the ValuniansJetscout Mystery of the ValuniansJetscout Mystery of the ValuniansJetscout Mystery of the Valunians

Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians is a jetpack-based platformer by Dustin Auxier where you explore various alien environments to solve the mystery behind the Valunians whose associates are trapped in an unlimited containment facility!

Play as Muun, a Jetscout provoke, as you boost, flip, and burn your means by way of hostile planets to battle a mind-bending cosmic evil!

Key Features:

A dark story pieced together throughout a complete solar system

16 different suits with distinctive stats to unlock

3 problem modes to fit particular person playstyles

Unlockable bonus missions for actual challenge-seekers

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