Japanese Alphabet Letter: Educational Kids App

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Japanese Alphabet Letter: Educational Kids AppJapanese Alphabet Letter: Educational Kids AppJapanese Alphabet Letter: Educational Kids AppJapanese Alphabet Letter: Educational Kids AppJapanese Alphabet Letter: Educational Kids App

A free instructional app for kids to learn to read and write Japanese alphabet letters / characters with enjoyable. Made for 3 yr old to 5 year old kids who starts to have pursuits in Japanese Hiragana and Katakana letters(Japanese alphabet) like AIUEO. Interactions with and animated character(Goobee) will amuse your children and enables to let them enjoy the studying process.

Target Age: 3 year previous to five year old

AIUEO(あいうえお) Game

A easy free sport that lets your kids study the connection between the sound and the appearance of Japanese alphabet letters. You can flip on/off every Hiragana/Katakana letters if you'd like them to be taught specific letters.

Balloon Fly(そらとび) Game

As a subsequent step to AIUEO sport, this free sport let your youngsters to search Japanese alphabet letters from a larger variety of letters. Children can enjoy popping plenty of balloons. Be careful not to fall down by choosing mistaken balloons!

Word Chain(しりとり) Game

Pick a word that starts with a letter in the tail of earlier word. Make word chain longer and run via the roller coaster. Be cautious to not select a phrase that ends with letter ん, since no Japanese phrases starts with the letter!

Whac-a-letter(もじたたき) Game

Find and hit letters that match in the clean on the board. Letters will attempt to disguise in holes, so try to hit it earlier than they do so.

Word(ことば) Game

Kids can learn phrases from a connection of Japanese Hiragana/Katakana letters in this recreation. Familiar phrases will show up and your youngsters can benefit from the interaction of the word photographs and Goobee.

Write(なぞりがき) Game

A free sport that allow your youngsters learn how to write Japanese Hiragana/Katakana letters by tracing and popping little balloons. As you trace the balloons and make words, cloud-like images shall be shown in the sky.

Dakuon(だくおん) Game - requires additional pack

Learn how the sound changes when letter parts like DAKUON, HAN-DAKUONthe circle on higher right are added to every letters.

Calligraphy(しゅうじ) Game - requires further pack

Leveraging the skills learnt within the writing sport, youngsters can be taught the detail shape of every letters corresponding to TOME(stop) and HARAI(sweeping).

Karuta(かるた) Game - requires further pack

Kids can utilize the letters learnt within the different primary games to play Karuta(Card game of Japanese words). It helps to learn more words.

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