Into the Void

By Mozg Labs

Into the VoidInto the VoidInto the VoidInto the VoidInto the Void

A sci-fi recreation with epic story and deep tactical battles.


Fully command your faction. Build your fleet, arm it with tons of weapons and make all of your enemies’ burn.


Perform expeditions to outer house; deal with your crew's morale as it tremendously influences your power.


Research tons of techs. You can't open all of them in a single play-through, as there are heaps of combos.


Fight with completely different opponents. Each faction has its own techniques and expertise stack, so you must plan your fleet equipment rigorously.


Space is a serious buisness. In space, there is no place mistake. So chose your options wisely, as turn-based system absolutely permits that.

✔ Great RPG/TBS combine with distinctive depth.

✔ Randomly generated universe - each mission is unique every time you play it.

✔ Long and attention-grabbing storyline.

✔ Battle in opposition to 4 different factions.

✔ Epic house turn-based battles.

✔ Laser, Kinetic, Plasma and Explosive weapons: each with unique execs and cons.

✔ 16 major missions

✔ 20 sub-missions

✔ Lots of battle ships with modifications

✔ Over one hundred applied sciences in 4 completely different branches - select them properly.

✔ Tons of various gadgets, from engines and shields to drones and infiltration squads.

✔ ABSOLUTELY no in-apps.

✔ Great visuals

This sport uses a lot of old-school principles, as good and detailed story, normal saving system, good steadiness, attention-grabbing gameplay, excessive replayability and amazing graphics.

As the game is just launched, it could contain some bugs and issues. Feel free to mail us and we are going to repair it in 24h.


Centuries ago, our ancestors had been pressured to abandon Earth: A creeping subject of radiation, now generally identified as ‘The Miasma’, had penetrated the ether and poisoned the body of the planet.

Earth was swiftly encased, and now rots in an ever expanding wasteland of spheres that was consumed and drained by this mysterious haze.

Today, the miasma reaches far across infinity and continues to unfold, with smaller rifts opening sporadically throughout systems; the supply and origin of their appearance is unknown.

Many fear that the spread will never stop, however fewer have attempted to curb it. Less still, is the variety of those whose exploration into this deathly site has yet to kill them.

Amidst this chaos, 4 separate factions arose because the universe’s superpowers: Auslia, En Eire, Kalthem and the Brigadier's of Armageddon operate independently, with various purpose.

En Eire expanded from a guild of retailers; they now management trading techniques throughout the cosmos, investing heavily in military and pharmaceutical industries.

Kalthem exist on the perimeter, claiming to take benefit of advanced scientific strides they stop at nothing to gain the information they seek.

Little is thought of Auslia. Reports show their folks stay prosperously: protected by large shields they stay insular lives, contributing little to the affairs of external factions.

The Brigadier's of Armageddon are pirates, preying primarily on En Eire’s expansive trading routes. Their members appear to expertise probably the most freedom, though they've several highly effective leaders.

We are an affiliation who recognises the menace of miasmic growth: working as a splinter group of the 4 nice factions, we intend on finding and eradicating the source of that swelling pollutant earlier than the macrocosm is completely consumed.


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