Hiragana Quest: Learn Japanese Alphabet

By Go! Go! Nihon - Live & Study in Japan

Hiragana Quest: Learn Japanese AlphabetHiragana Quest: Learn Japanese AlphabetHiragana Quest: Learn Japanese AlphabetHiragana Quest: Learn Japanese AlphabetHiragana Quest: Learn Japanese Alphabet

Are you in search of a fun Japanese language studying app that covers Hiragana Japanese alphabet with Japanese letters, Japanese writing and Japanese characters? Well, Hiragana Quest is the perfect alternative.

Our Japanese language studying app helps you be taught to learn and write:

・Hiragana - the Japanese alphabet!

・Katakana - a particular alphabet for overseas words!


We know that the hiragana alphabet, Japanese symbols, Japanese katakana and usually studying the Japanese language may be difficult. That’s why we reimagined and recreated the traditional learn Japanese language apps by including 2 cool mascots Hirako and Katato. They are right here to take you on a journey to be taught to write Japanese and to learn to learn Japanese with simple stories and a system that makes the training efficient and simpler to recollect.


The cool Hirako and Katato mascots are not the only distinctive characteristic of Hiragana Quest. We differ from the same Japanese learning apps with the extra studying tools you can’t find elsewhere. There are guides and trace for each stroke in your display screen, you'll find a way to degree up as you study and check yourself to be positive to are on level along with your learning.


・Join our mascots Hirako and Katato in your Japanese journey.

・Simple stories or 'mnemonics' for every character make studying simple and fun.

・Learn over a hundred characters in just some hours!

・Our system ensures you will bear in mind what you realized in years to come.

・Follow guides and hint every stroke on your display screen.

・Test yourself on the characters you could have realized.

・Earn experience factors and degree up your learning!

・Simple intuitive UI makes Japanese studying simple and fun!

Now go learn the Japanese hiragana in the fun way.

Learn the primary 7 hiragana for free! If you are impressed, then unlock the the rest of the course with a small In App Purchase. Unlock Katakana at the similar time for a discount!

- Download Hiragana Quest now for free!

Developed in Tokyo in the Go! Go! Nihon studios by the staff behind the language study game Study Quest!

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