Warrior of God Daily and Devotional Verse

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Warrior of God Daily and Devotional VerseWarrior of God Daily and Devotional VerseWarrior of God Daily and Devotional VerseWarrior of God Daily and Devotional Verse


Warrior of God is part of a set of daily devotions to study the word of God and strengthen our faith, applying the teachings of the holy writings in our life through a daily verse , daily reflection readings and a prayer.

With this application you will receive the inspiration to start a new battle guided by the word of God, as it will allow you to receive, a verse of the day expressed in a daily devotional, a promise from God and different daily readings to study the dimensions of love and mercy that God keeps for his children. You also access the most complete thematic bible composed of 200 beautiful bible verses in Spanish divided into categories.

Full Description

Walking With God, Guerrero of God, integrates a set of Christian devotions for food and spiritual growth. It consists of Christian Reflections, verse of the day and devotionals, and seeks to be an aid for the understanding of the Lord's message through his word and to apply that message in our lives. For greater understanding the magazine is divided into 4 areas that answer 4 basic questions of our relationship with God:

- Daily Devotional - What does the Lord of You expect ?: reading based on a daily verse that supports a Christian devotional for the study of the word of the Lord, in order to gradually know the power of change of his message and apply it to us.

- Christian Councils How Do we act to please Christ ?: Advice twice a week than in a Christian devotional that you can apply in your life to improve every aspect of it: as a father, as a mother, as a brother, as a believer.

- Promises of the Lord What plans does God have in our lives ?: It is a daily verse that represents a promise of God with an image of inspiration. We give weekly the promises of God that are the plans that God declared, has for us and our life, if we serve him with gratitude and faithfulness.

- Living Word What does the Word of God say ?: This study Biblical will let you know what the word dictates for every aspect of our life, in a thematic bible with the most beautiful bible verses in Spanish, divided into categories: about anger, forgiveness, Repentance by compiling each of the most important verses on each topic.


* Daily cover verse

* Daily readings in a Christian devotional, received on your device in each section, as a daily devotional, supported by the verse of the day and promises of God for the study of each of his rewards by serving him faithfully.

* Ability to share each devotional and daily verse, through sms or through your favorite social networks ace. With this feature, you can provide inspiration, motivation and encouragement to the people around you, without the verse of the day going unnoticed by giving those who care about you a beautiful Christian devotional.

* You can access each daily devotional offline after entering the application. Each of the devotionals is stored for a more comfortable and quick reading at the calmest moment of the day.

* Ability to add each of the devotions to favorites, in addition to copying its entire text to share in each of the social networks.

* Ability to add each daily verse to favorites and copy its text for Bible studies.

* You can change the font size for better reading, both of the daily devotionals, as of the verse of the day and the Thematic Bible, which integrates many of God's Promises.

* Access the verse of the day in a compilation of the 200 bible verses in Spanish of greater strength grouped into 20 categories.

Be a Warrior of God with the daily Christian devotions of this resource.

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