Guardian Tales

By Kakao Games Corp.

Guardian TalesGuardian TalesGuardian TalesGuardian TalesGuardian Tales

Guardian Tales

A Link to Classic Adventure!

Begin your journey in Kanterbury, a world in turmoil from the Invaders' attack, destined to be saved by the Legendary Guardian!


▶ Puzzle Solving Gameplay

Lift heavy boulders, throw explosive bombs and sling yourself across obstacles to discover hidden pathways to superb treasures!

▶ Strategic Action Combat

Dodge, duck, dip and dive your way to victory against powerful foes and big bosses!

▶ Challenging Dungeons Bosses

Explore darkish and dangerous dungeons to challenge the behemothic bosses that reside within! Evil pig monsters beware, the hero has arrived!

▶ Intense PVP and Rankings

Assemble and synergize your finest celebration of three heroes to face others in real-time combat for glory!

▶ Hero and Weapon Collection

It's harmful to go alone! Collect and choose from over 50 Heroes and a hundred totally different weapons - each with their own unique abilities!

▶ Create a Guild with Friends

Make new associates, showcase your heroes and get together it up in the Guild House! Oh, and go straightforward on the Guild Scarecrow..

▶ Customize Your Floating Castle

You like pancakes? Build a Pancake House! Love clowns? Build a Circus! Customize your island the way you need for you and your heroes!

▶ Tribute Parodies

Do you like easter eggs? There are tons of in-game easter eggs. Challenge your self to discover them all!

▶ And Much More!!!

Stories, Missions, Quests, Events, Rewards, and so much more!!

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■ Help and Support ■

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GLOBAL: Visit or contact us in sport by going to Settings Account Settings Inquiry.

ASIA: Send an email to or contact us in recreation by going to Settings Account Settings Inquiry.

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Terms of Service:

■ Your gadget will want no less than 3GB of accessible cupboard space to put in the game.

■ Minimum Specs ■

- Samsung Galaxy S6 or above

- Android 5.0 or above

- CPU: Over 2.0GHz

- Ram: 2GB

- Memory: 3GB

- Available Storage: 3GB

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