Green the Planet

By Kikaku Damashii, Inc.

Green the PlanetGreen the PlanetGreen the PlanetGreen the PlanetGreen the Planet



Have you ever heard of ‘Green Style?’

It’s a way of life that leads you to a relaxed life by greening a planet and making the universe a cushty place to live.

And, this ‘Green Style’ has come to draw lots of consideration lately.

We GROW* are here to elucidate why:

GROW*: Greening Reviving Of Whole universe


3 explanation why you wish to go together with ‘Green Style!’

#1: Exciting Comet Decomposers

To inexperienced a planet, you have to decompose comets first.

Use our “shoot’em up” sort of Comet Decomposers that include the spaceship, and shortly, you'll notice how this thrilling activity can relieve your stress.

#2: Quick'N Easy Greening

Once you decompose comets, you'll obtain the objects.

And, this stuff are converted into the energy by the spaceship, so you can just loosen up and inject the energy into the planet.

#3: Enhanced On-site Library

Wanna check the objects you collect immediately?

No problem! You could have an access to the library constructed within the spaceship.

The extra you collect the items, the extra your mental curiosity might be fulfilled.


Voices from the ’Green Style' community

I’ve never expected it to be so stress-free watching a planet turn into green. Now, I wish to show it to my kids. I'll take my entire household to the planet on my subsequent vacation.

(Parimmto from Planet Yazalaata, 2,492 yrs old)

Man, I love that laser sort that decomposes comets. I simply need to do it every break I take while finding out for the exams. It's higher than black hole diving! Let's shoot'em up!!

(Ga Nmochera Lu from Planet Nmzee, 16 yrs old)

Yes, I know what’s sizzling and what’s not. I assure you everyone shall be doing ’Green Style’ very quickly and the New Cosmos Times will run an article about it.

(Gloogy from Planet Zynatook, 4 yrs old)

It’s fantastic that I can do it every day at my own pace, regardless of how busy I am and nonetheless deal with my kids. I should inform my neighbor Mrs. Mozoda about it.

(Monugi Mozue from Planet Moyak, 42 yrs old)


Even although our service has simply begun, many individuals have rapidly become our supporters. Thanks to them, we were able to kickoff a brand new spaceship development!

Yes, the GROW’s new spaceship!!

And, with this new spaceship, we might be able to respond to the requests like below:

“I want to have the ability to go to other planets!”

“Why don’t you make new Comet Decomposers?”

“Can I verify the current standing of the planets that I have accomplished greening?”

The new spaceship will be out there in autumn of 20000016!

So, name us now and start greening and enriching your life today!

*Free trial out there at a galaxy close to you.

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