Frontier of Fortune

By Dotomchi Games Inc.

Frontier of FortuneFrontier of FortuneFrontier of FortuneFrontier of FortuneFrontier of Fortune

Frontier of Fortune is the tenth episode of Fortune Chronicles, a strategic recreation of territorial dispute amongst countries/kingdoms in Fortune.

Experience the enjoyable and impressive Fortune series that has continued for 12 years.

Games are a kind of board recreation.

In Fortune, there are 41 cities and three lands (Kingdom of Moltony, Empire of Anderass, Yuvark Union), and lastly monsters.

Player chooses one land and battles with the other lands and monsters to beat all forty one cities to win.

First, player should run policies for unit coaching, market vitalization, food manufacturing, recruitment, rampart strengthening to develop land and recruit troopers for warfare.

The recruited troopers invade different cities, win the warfare and conquer land for enlargement.

Also, executing land tasks shall develop land's intrinsic policies.

From time to time, lands may have various occasions similar to floods, disease spread, conflagration, festivals and harvesting which makes it tough to predict each land's rise and fall.

Since the sport supplies numerous difficulties, get pleasure from this game as you'll play a board recreation with friends. (Of course, friends right here means AI.)

Frontier of Fortune welcomes you anytime.

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