Fortune Quest:Raid

By Dotomchi Games Inc.

Fortune Quest:RaidFortune Quest:RaidFortune Quest:RaidFortune Quest:RaidFortune Quest:Raid

Fortune Quest:Raid is a clicker sport upgrading 25 series of models to destroy large monsters with the ability of Cube.

★Game Rules

1. Tap with your fingers to wreck big monsters on sport screen. More taps, more damages. Just tap it quick.

2. You can get War Funds and Orbs whenever you beat monsters. With this rewards, you may upgrade your Tap Hammer and items, or you might get new models.

3. If you upgrade your faucet hammer, faucet injury might be extra powerful.

4. Units automatically take part in the battle and assist the others. If you upgrade models, their assault power and HP possibly strengthen, or number of participant models could be increased.

5. Every 10 stages, you encounter a powerful boss monster. If you beat the boss, new stage opens, and you'll face stronger monsters.

6. There are also units utilizing magical power(Sorcerer, Cleric, Nightmare, Summoner, Priest, Wizard). They can forged very powerful magic. Upgrade their HP to outlive longer.

7. Upgrade unit gadgets to increase HP and extra attack energy.

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