Flutter: Starlight

By Runaway

Flutter: StarlightFlutter: StarlightFlutter: StarlightFlutter: StarlightFlutter: Starlight

From the makers of the relaxing garden butterfly game, Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary!

Collect flowers and lift moths in the peaceable calm of nature, under the sunshine of the moon. Moths are simply as beautiful as any butterfly!


Love nature games, plant video games and backyard games? Collect flowers when you uncover and raise over 200 cute moths! Care for every moth in your relaxing backyard as you get pleasure from calming nature sounds. All the moths are completely different sizes, colors, and have unique wing patterns, all based on real world species!


Butterfly games are stunning, and the night time mode in Starlight takes the stress-free gameplay and makes it feel like a meditation sport. If you’re on the lookout for stress relief, or something to calm your anxiousness, this relaxing sport filled with calming sounds could assist. We have many emails from gamers saying this calming game helps with stress relief - we hope it helps you, too!


Raise and fly your moths between flowers in your stunning backyard by moon light! Each moth has a singular caterpillar and behaviours, identical to in butterfly video games. If you want backyard games, enjoyable video games and calming nature sounds, we think you’ll love this!


Grow and gather real, colourful flowers and mushrooms to decorate your surroundings in this plant game. Every flower is a real-life plant species and is beautifully drawn to match the true flower!


Listen to calming sounds as you play - Flutter:Starlight is like a meditation game! Relax and experience this calming plant sport full of nature sounds.

If you love garden games, calming games, butterfly games and flowers or are trying to find some stress aid or a game that looks like meditation - Flutter: Starlight is for you.


The “splashcam” function in one other of Runaway’s calming video games requires read/write exterior storage permissions, in order to save in game screenshots taken by gamers to their devices. Starlight is constructed with the identical underlying platform expertise base, subsequently Flutter:Starlight additionally requires these permissions although they aren't currently getting used on this garden sport.

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