FLApp: Future Lab Aachen App

By RWTH Aachen University

FLApp: Future Lab Aachen AppFLApp: Future Lab Aachen AppFLApp: Future Lab Aachen App

Aachen City Guide FLApp

What links Aachen Cathedral to multimedia specialists from RWTH Aachen University? The new science guide explains not only that. It leads you to 13 prominent science locations – around Aachen's old town and the city campus of RWTH Aachen University. FLApp, the Future Lab Aachen App presents well-known and unusual locations, peeks behind the curtain, and highlights the most fascinating research projects of Aachen's universities in compact articles. With audio guide, images, videos, augmented reality, and expert statements.

Experience Aachen in a whole new way!

The app is GPS-based. A dynamic map shows the current location. Steles in the city mark the stations and can notify you of their proximity using iBeacon signals. Digital 3D objects in augmented reality are available at selected stations.

The trip starting at the cathedral, passing the Audimax, and finishing at the RWTH main building is 1.3 km long.

We recommend downloading the app via WiFi at home. You can also download it on-site using the Aachen WiFi network.

Available languages: English and German

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