Fishing Baron - realistic fishing game

By 2nd Reality s.r.o.

Fishing Baron - realistic fishing gameFishing Baron - realistic fishing gameFishing Baron - realistic fishing gameFishing Baron - realistic fishing gameFishing Baron - realistic fishing game

This is a realistic fishing game:

- fishing feeder, float fishing rod, spinning;

- change of day and night, days of the week;

- different types of fishing rods, reels, baits;

- various fishing bases with their own set of fish;

- the opportunity to buy equipment, a car or even a house!

- a lot of fishing game quests with awards;

- casual hoards in some species of fish;

- the catch depends on the type of bait, time of day, on the point and depth of casting;

- the price of fish depends on the base and day of the week;

- the ability to play without the Internet;

- simple and intuitive interface - tested on children, this fishing game is available even for kids.


- fishing will be more effective if you try to catch in different parts of the reservoir and at different casting distances;

- to change the place of fishing on the reservoir, remove the fishing rod (double click on the screen) and move the screen to the side with your finger;

- while fishing for the fish, make sure that the arrow does not linger long in the last red sector, otherwise it may descend;

- more comfortable fishing chair will allow you to get less tired from the process of fishing and rarely rest in the house;

- a longer fishing cage will allow you less often to go to the market to sell fish;

- a more powerful fishing reel will make it easier to pull out large fish and quickly reel off empty gear;

- you can catch frogs (they become bait), you can make live bait from fish up to 10 cm long;

- with viewing ads, you can sell fish at 30% more expensive;

- for viewing ads in the store, you can get 5 pieces of random fishing bait;

- there is a kitchen in the house in which you can cook "Accuracy", "Power", "Cheerfulness", "Experience" and "Luck" soups;

- your repair kit, soups and vouchers are in the Inventory, in the "Other" section;

- in a premium car, rest from fishing is 3 times faster;

- buy air conditioning, then the rest from fishing in the house will be 2 times faster;

- you can leave the paid fishing base and come for free while the ticket is valid;

- air tickets to the "Carpitcher" and "Depth" bases are suitable for any level of fisherman;

- the time of the soup or trip does not stop offline, continues to spend.

Full list of changes you can find on the website (link below).

The next real fishing game update is scheduled for the end of the month. There will be many interesting things!

If you can suggest how you can improve the gameplay or translation - please let me know. Thank you!

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