Fireflies Live Wallpaper

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Fireflies Live WallpaperFireflies Live WallpaperFireflies Live WallpaperFireflies Live WallpaperFireflies Live Wallpaper

We present you a live wallpaper created for the joy of your sensations. A colorful scene full of fantasy that will let you dive on the spectacle of the nature played by fireflies and butterflies. You can activate also a relaxing forest sound that will totally make you jump into the summer night atmosphere. We simulated fireflies’ movement after carefully observing their natural behavior. The final spectacle is a true expression of the nature magic. The magical synchronous flash signals generated by fireflies are the source of a truly mystical show. You will experience a true sensation of peace and tranquility while watching your screen. The colorful flickering lights of fireflies and incandescent butterflies, comes with a set of 10 wonderful wallpapers that can be set as background. In this dreamlike scenario, you will find fireflies, magic butterflies and some stunning backgrounds from magical forest or enchanted forest. Download the fireflies animated background and let those shiny insects fly all over your screen.

In this live wallpaper, you will find:

- A never stopping animation of adorable fireflies and butterflies in forest landscapes

- A soothing and relaxing forest sound to make you believe in magic

- Set of 10 outstanding backgrounds that merge with the fireflies in an extraordinary fashion

- OpenGL 2.0 technology for better and smooth animations

- Low battery consumption

- Full support for tablets and phones (landscape/portrait)

The animated background of fireflies represents the only way to capture the magic of the fireflies show on a warm summer night. You phone will turn into a firefly jar and you will never get enough of that beauty. These little light bulbs are beetles or lighting bugs and they can offer you the most hypnotizing nature spectacle through their bioluminescence during summer twilight. Beautify your screen with their flashing lights on an enchanted forests background! Combined with the Celtic forest sound this live wallpaper will be the most enjoying and calming experience to relax your mind and soul.

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