By TFPK Ltd is a clear cash register application without flat rates - no monthly fees. from "button" cash registers, from standard cash register software.

The application is “slim” - it has low demands on HW performance and data communication.

The application fully complies with EET requirements and is developed for Czech conditions and Czech environment. Meets on-line and off-line requirements.

Allows "quick sale" only by entering the amount of the item or VAT rate.

Full version - one-time - $ 50 VAT.


The experience of application developers from other revenue-proofing markets is a guarantee of flawless operation. Of course there is support of users - is designed specifically for devices with a small screen size,

but it is possible to connect to an ordinary tablet via a USB hub or a numeric keypad - via Mikrodock (www / microdock).

It is also possible to connect a USB printer, USB barcode reader, customer display, scales…

All without having to waste time setting up expensive Bluetooth devices.

This makes your tablet a complete, full-fledged point of sale at a good price.

If you want a compact checkout - the application is also optimized for checkout hardware

"all in one" by Lynx and Wintec .

Working with HW is an important, proven feature of the application - it is easy to set up a printer

without which EET cannot be sold.

• Help - complete description - you can always find help by pressing the EET-POS logo in the top right corner

• Quick Help - open it by pressing the "Receipt Management" logo in the left upper corner. Here is an overview of all commands for working in sales.

Sales - the application allows the sale of goods or services:

• through selection from a list of goods

• via code goods

• “quick dial” keys - most common goods

• barcode scanner (even USB)

The following features are also available:

• deleting items, canceling a receipt

• printing the last receipt

• nominal or percentage discount (same as surcharge)

• various payment methods (cash , card, meal vouchers, gift vouchers)

• customer return cash information

• sales notes (e.g., warranty number), payment notes

• adding a commodity directly at the point of sale

• receiving and storing goods (in the commodity list or documents)

• working with commodity groups

• receipt, dispensing complete sti

There are no complexities in the application, and complicated settings, simplicity and speed are essential characteristics.


• EET - enter the taxpayer's name, store number, cash register and simply upload the certificate. Done.

You can choose to work in normal, simplified, or test mode for the correct settings and for your convenience.

• Users - You assign rights to individual cashiers to use the cashier functions

• Printer - printer selection in the system

In the printer menu you can also set texts for printing on your receipts.

• Other settings - warehouse settings, work with weights, discount cards, volume discounts, rounding, notes and other detailed settings (optional)

• Appearance and buttons settings - two themes are basic - for normal work and for work in the dark (eg bar…) It is possible to add work with one-touch keys, tooltips, one-color or color buttons (according to their functions), etc. to individual themes.

• Possibility of importing the list of goods

• Backup / restore application data

Reports, reports

• Transaction reports

• Documents, receipts, merchandise, cash registers…

• Daily report - closing (zeroing)

• Current report

• Export Z-Report

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