Echoes of Magic

By Onefun Games

Echoes of MagicEchoes of MagicEchoes of MagicEchoes of MagicEchoes of Magic

Echoes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG the place you can mix and match your hero's skills freely. Brave Adventurer, to guard the little city you've lived in all your life, you should endure hardships, summit Snow Mountain, and take on the Great Dragon! But whenever you defeat the dragon, you uncover another, large conspiracy is brewing, and a greater disaster is looming! Adventurer, you should set foot on a journey to guard your loved ones, your homeland, and the world!

*No Auto-Play

If you are not a fan of auto-play or P2W, look no additional, that is the sport for you!The action-focused combat mechanisms in EoM provide you with the utmost space to point out off your professional performs: it is all about the proper talent in the proper time and place.

You are literally PLAYING THE GAME!

*300 Skills, Merge to Upgrade

In this sport, all abilities are upgraded by merging two into one. Unlike any other MMO, after each battle, the participant can select their favorite skills from a pool of random ones. Merge, merge and merge! Upgrade abilities by merging them together! No need to repeat stages over and over grinding for materials till you presumably can craft a skill. All you need is slightly luck and the proper technique, and you'll kind the last word ability combos.

*20 Traits: Strategize your mixture to outlive until the end!

The 300 abilities within the game may be blended and matched to kind Traits, which provide much more highly effective results. Breaking the mould of different MMOs, in this sport there aren't any fixed growth paths. You can choose to give an Assassin the ability to summon, and in addition give a Mage HP lifesteal capabilities. All abilities and traits are up to you to form. But, remember, you only have 5 lively talent and 4 passive ability slots to choose from. So choose correctly how you mix your distinctive, highly effective skill traits!

*100 Weapons Equipment, Switch Classes Freely

Forget those cut-and-dried Class divisions in other MMOs. In Echoes of Magic, when you pick up a wand, then you're a storm-summoning Wizard. If you choose up a bow, you then're a sharp-shooting Marksman. Switch equipment and weapons freely. A true Hero has an arsenal of fighting kinds at their disposal to find a way to cope with the myriad monsters they could encounter.

*10 Bosses, 100 Monsters -- Let your monster hunt begin!

The world of Echoes of Magic is riddled with dangers of each shape and stripe. The mysterious jungle is crawling with Goblin tribes, the gloomy dungeon is haunted with bone-chilling ghouls, and atop the frigid Snow Mountain slumber yetis and mammoths. And at the end of those maps, a extra sinister Boss awaits your problem. A spider demoness, an ancient automaton, a frost dragon... and who knows what else? Meticulously fashion your gear, correctly choose expertise, and strategically pair them together! Powerful beasts are lurking in the darkness. Only a true Hero can defeat them!

Dear Adventurers:

Welcome to the world of EOM!

The sport is presently in Open Beta phase with in-app purchases enabled (and there could be NO WIPE once we officially launched!). In the previous beta, we took in suggestions and feedback from lots of players, then targeted on making enhancements and tweaks to finally convey you this second beta version!

We sincerely welcome you all to come attempt it out and provide us together with your valuable opinions. We will do our greatest to make the sport better! And we are going to maintain taking in participant recommendations. In the longer term we will continue to update the sport and ship new content to you! We hope to see you all nonetheless with us when we make our official launch!

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Email: [email protected]

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