Dynasty Origins: Conquest


Dynasty Origins: ConquestDynasty Origins: ConquestDynasty Origins: ConquestDynasty Origins: ConquestDynasty Origins: Conquest

Dynasty Origins: Conquest is the most recent 「Dynasty Origins」 work by Yoozoo Games. With a customizable 4x4 format, new outstanding generals and alliances, command and conquer your way to the throne!

【Customize Your Formation】

Customize your formation, and strategize before battles! A new 4x4 layout that subverts conventional card methods is here. In this game, the Three Kingdoms generals are split into six sorts: Guardians, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Archers, Infantry and Support. Players can mix and match their formations according to the enemy’s layout to land a shock blow on the opponents!

【GvG Cross-Server City Conquest】

World warfare! GvG cross-server city conquest! Four huge factions gather for an exhilarating battle. With intense cross-server gameplay and alliances competing for the top, becoming #1 isn’t only a pipe dream!

【Mix Match Skills】

With an countless variety of abilities that you could mix and match, create your personal unique combat style! Switch up your expertise at any time in battles to swiftly defeat enemies!

【PvP Battles to Decide the Season Champion】

A model new season-based gameplay, new monthly rewards and challenges are on-line now! Will you be eliminated, or will you be the one to achieve the throne?

【Strengthen heroes, forge your formation】

Uncover the hidden secrets behind making your heroes stronger! Six different types of generals are ready in your regular guidance. Pick out your favourite heroes, and create a lineup you love!

【Fantastic Daily Rewards】

Sign in every day to obtain wonderful rewards! You also can check the group typically for high-value reward codes. Seize each alternative to get free items, and you’ll be one step nearer to conquering the throne!

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Pre-registration Site: https://doc.gtarcade.com/pre

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dynastyoriginsconquest

Millions of individuals are enjoying this card strategy game! Don’t be the one one missing out!

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