Dungeon Ascendance Roguelike

By Seramy Games Ltd

Dungeon Ascendance RoguelikeDungeon Ascendance RoguelikeDungeon Ascendance RoguelikeDungeon Ascendance RoguelikeDungeon Ascendance Roguelike

Roguelike meets RPG meets Puzzle game in Dungeon Ascendance!

Not performed before? Try before you buy: Free model available! (link below)

Choose one of twelve courageous heroes then conquer a dungeon crammed with monsters and loot! Use a tactical combination of abilities, objects, spells and chilly, onerous steel to battle your approach to the exit. But beware! The stairs are guarded by a fearsome Dungeon Master who is not planning on letting you past.

The full model features twelve lessons with unique skills, fifteen dungeons and a complete lot of tactical rpg-puzzle gameplay. You additionally get a full achievements system together with distinctive challenges for every class.

If you completed the Free Version you probably can unlock your progress in this version - so you do not lose anything upgrading!

Brand new graphics from ShroomArts! Not precisely pixel art, but in the great tradition of 16-bit and console RPGs. Veterans observe: the old tiles are nonetheless out there from the Config menu.

So why can we name Dungeon Ascendance a roguelike puzzle game? DA has the random, proceedural level technology of a roguelike, the turn-based fight of a roguelike and the various lessons of a roguelike. But it also has the level-by-level, strategic 10-minute satisfaction of a puzzle recreation. There's never just one solution to a degree however the recreation feels no less than half a puzzle.

Compatible with Android telephones and tablets. Care has been taken so the game runs nicely on low-end units.

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