GOD Today: Christian Devotionals Day and Night

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GOD Today: Christian Devotionals Day and NightGOD Today: Christian Devotionals Day and NightGOD Today: Christian Devotionals Day and NightGOD Today: Christian Devotionals Day and NightGOD Today: Christian Devotionals Day and Night

? GOD Today: Christian Devotionals ?

GOD today constitutes a daily devotional for spiritual food during two fundamental times of the day: when we wake up ready to start a new day and when we go to sleep < / strong>. In both moments, it is essential to stay close to the Lord , invoke him and give thanks for his care, love and mercy.

For this they are in this application, a set of complementary resources for the Christian devotionals that will help you, in those important moments of the day when we must approach GOD, they are: daily opening verse, Christian messages with devotional of the day and morning prayer , daily Christian phrase, compilation of GOD's promises and devotional to end the day with evening prayer.

? Christian Resources: Description and Content ?

This tool constitutes a one-of-a-kind devotional , due to the amount of free Christian resources and Christian reflections that it offers, in a varied compilation, to study the Word of GOD and incorporate it into the different areas of our life.

The material is made up of different sections that complement the set of Christian messages to be shared. These sections are:

Daily Devotional : At the beginning of the day you will receive a devotional based on the study of one of the promises of GOD in the holy scriptures. It will be accompanied by a Christocentric reflection and a morning prayer.

Christian Phrases: Together with the main devotional you will access beautiful Christian inspirational phrases on different themes of our Christian life: faith, strength, study of the Word, encouragement in the scriptures and many other topics

Night Devotional: To end the day you can subscribe from the application to receive a Nocturnal devotional, through which we can reflect before sleeping, approaching the Lord, through different resources such as illustrations and Christian reflections, biblical commentaries and beautiful verses.

Christian Videos: as In addition to Christian messages, you can access weekly videos of reflection and as Bible studies to increase our knowledge in the Word of GOD.

Compilation of Bible Verse: Po r last you can access a compilation of verses in more than 4 major themes made up of more than 50 categories, ideal for studies, sermons, own devotionals, among other purposes.

Features and Application Options ?

☆ Every day you will receive Christian devotions based on a Promise from God, in addition to beautiful phrases as short Christian messages of spiritual food

☆ You can share each, biblical passage, through sms or through your favorite social networks. You can join each devotional to the group of daily bible verses and make your own compilation of biblical texts.

☆ The cover features a random verse of the day.

☆ You can access to each of the Christian messages to the compilation of daily bible verses offline after entering the application.

☆ You can bookmark each verse of the day and promise of God or each biblical promise devotional to access it on another occasion, thus creating a personalized group based on the daily scriptures of the bible or the daily verse of the bible.

☆ You can schedule the time of reception of a promise daily biblical audio, as a complement to Christian phrases and received Christian messages.

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